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Jaryd from Bad Valley chats up Nick from Upskirts


Bad Valley: I really dig on the production on your releases, particularly 'Mind's a Burden'. You lads also kill it live, the sonics are always so well sorted. Do you as a band prefer being in the studio or playing live?

Upskirts: Hmmm. Probably playing live because that’s where we have spent most of our time. But that being said our last few stints in the studio have really opened up what we thought we could do with our sound, which has definitely made the show better … or at least more interesting. We’ve had to put a fair amount of time into rehearsing some of tracks because they really developed sonically in the studio. But playing live it’s all more open, we can be sloppy sometimes, but that’s half the fun. Fucking around and extending sections within tracks and trying to make it sound as big or as chilled or weird as possible is exciting for us.

Bad Valley: Where is your favorite place to play in Australia?

Upskirts:Playing Yardfest the other week was pretty sweet – we liked playing outdoors. We’d probably like to keep doing more stuff like that. But Sydney has always been the best for us because it’s home. Oxford Art Factory pretty much always rules and playing outside at The Vic is shit loads of fun.

Bad Valley: The track 'Where' makes me think of two things, The Stone Roses and valium. Am I on to something here?

Upskirts: Hell yes. Stone Roses are definitely a big influence for us. We like doing something that is mildly psychedelic but not entirely informed by it. Tom (drums/vox) was adamant on the drums being super tight and dancey even though the guitars aren’t, which is something we like doing and something the Stone Roses were kings at. And yeah…I think that middle section definitely sounds like the feeling in your head after drinking booze on valium. Sleepy…but the bad kind of sleepy.

Bad Valley: If you could choose any-one-now-deceased great female vocalist of the past to appear on a track who would you pick? And for what kind of track?

Upskirts: Shit that’s hard. I don’t speak for the other guys ‘cause Tom’s favorite female singer is Mariah Carey (is she dead…?). Maybe Nico because a) she rules b) singing next to her might make me sound as good as Lou Reed and c) Because she blew Jim Morrison in an elevator, and I just want to ask her what that was like. But definitely for some kind of slow burner.

Bad Valley - photo by Battlecat Photography

Bad Valley - photo by Battlecat Photography

Bad Valley: Gandalf vs. Yoda. Who wins?

Upskirts: How is this even a question? Gandalf. He’s hell smart and can take a hit like a champ.

Bad Valley: Are you guys perverts and is that why you called your band "Upskirts"?

Upskirts: I actually don’t know why we’re called Upskirts. I wasn’t in the room when decisions we’re being made. But we wer’e pretty young when it happened. I guess every 16 year old is a bit of a pervert right?