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Rory from Space Monk chats up Jake from The Ruminaters


Space Monk

Space Monk

Space Monk are a fun luvin foursome from Sydney who will be warming up the stage at Visions at Waywards on the 5th June. Guitarist Rory chatted to his good mate Jake from The Ruminaters about the important things in life.

Rory: I've been lucky enough to meet the chickens that live in your back yard, have you ever thought of taking them on tour? Or would you trust our drummer Torey to take care of them if not?

Jake: I'd rather eat the chickens than let Torey take care of them. 2.

Rory:Would you rather have sex with Lorde or Brad Pitt? Please give a detailed reason for your choice. 

Jake: Lorde, because I'm into it.

Rory: Loving your new single 'gremlin in black'. It's certainly a hot little number. What's the track all about?

Jake: The track hasn't really got any meaning at all. Each line was the first thing that came to my head when I was writing it. "Love don't cost a thing" is a recycled lyric from destiny's child and "except for the gremlin in black, shaving my mummas back" i don't know what I was thinking then? That's pretty much all the lyrics to that song.

The Ruminaters

The Ruminaters

Rory: Before each show as a band we always have a chai latte whilst listening to some Metallica. Do you guys have any pre-show rituals to get the juices flowing?

Jake: We usually just find a place to drink some beers. Jarleth and I will some times scream the alphabet to get our vocals warm. Some times we will form a huddle and go around the circle and tell each other why we like them and how happy we are to play music together.

Rory: If you were to make your own festival what would it be called and what would be your dream lineup?

Jake: My festival would be called "Sun Ball Machine Festival" And I'd have The Strokes, Radiohead, Gap Dream, Ty Segall, Black Angels, Goons of Doom, Conan Mockasin, Black Moth Super Rainbow, King Gizzard, Paul McCartney, Jac Yvonne, Creed, Brian Wilson, Julian Casablancas and The Voidz, The Dream Girls, Daniel Johnston, Jack Johnson, Chad Creeeeewgah, Jack White, Ray Davis, The Johnny El Band, The Twerps and Limp Bizkit.... The Offspring, Korn, My Chemical Romance, Afi, and The Used.