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FLOWERTRUCK chats up Nicholas Griffith from High-tails




Flowertruck are our lovely headliners at Visions #14, and when we asked them to interview a band of their choice, they chose their friends High-tails, who've just released a new single 'Information'. Cat puns ensued.

You're just back from the US. What's it like sharing a transpacific flights with Cody Munro Moore?

I've been on a few transpacific flights with cody. He tends to eat and sleep a lot and is good for making alliances with the hostesses as to tap into the supply of alcohol.

What is your personal understanding of the term 'night-scene'?

Night-scene is a meal between dessert and breakfast where no food is consumed only memories



There's a cat in our house - who's music does she prefer after FLOWERTRUCK, Big White or High-Tails?

The cat preFURS nothing

Finish this sentence: A bird in the hand is worth two in the a) bath

b) Heart

Nick, how do you maintain the balance of 'trendy' and 'cool' between your two bands?

You can't teach what I do. Read my self help book "lighting the way to wealth"