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Grace from Burn Antares and Jess from Noire catch up for a chat!


[Grace] What have you been up to? What's happening in your world?

[Jess] Hey Grace, we got back last month from playing some shows in New York, Austin & Nashville which was so much fun. We also released a new single ‘Baby Blue’ last week so we’ve been busy preparing everything for that. 

[Grace] Can't wait to hear your new track, what a great name. Baby blue hey? Sexy. How was America! And how were the shows?

[Jess] America was incredible; we did a pretty big road-trip and saw the most beautiful landscapes through Yellowstone and Arches National Park. Shows were cool, we were playing dive bars but it was good to meet other bands and see what music they were making.

[Jess] You guys just finished your EP Tour, 'Fur Coat & the Peace Boat' - how were the shows? 

[Grace] Yeah the shows were great! We had a blast, currently moving onto other inspiration at the moment. Innovating and taking some time to create. 

[Jess] You guys recorded the last EP with Tony Buchen which must have been great! Do you enjoy the recording process?

[Grace] Tony is awesome. We are working with him in a weeks’ time also, to lay down a couple of singles.

[Grace] What are your plans gig wise and recording wise for the end of the year?

[Jess] We’re playing with our friends Yeevs this week and then we’re playing King St Crawl with you guys & also have Surry Hills Festival coming up this month. We’re hoping to do an East Coast tour with the EP release too. 

We’ve recorded a few new songs which are a little different from the stuff we’ve been releasing. With the next release of songs, we’re hoping to record most of it ourselves and just have it mixed elsewhere. I really find studio situations a bit overwhelming and much prefer tracking at our space. 

[Grace] Sounds amazing, I’ve given Baby Blue a listen and this is fabulous. Well done. You guys are sounding super cool. 

[Jess] You mention moving onto other inspirations for your next release. Who is inspiring you at the moment?

[Grace] Listening to a lot of disco at the moment a lot of glam rock. David Bowie, a lot of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. A lot of African Music, a lot of French music. Each of us are listening to a whole bunch of different stuff to head in a direction that will be inspiring to us. And hopefully to others. 

[Jess] Super excited to see you guys play at King St Crawl! What acts are you looking to catch? 

[Grace] Can’t wait to play with you guys, should be a swellagant affair! I’m looking to catch you guys, Doctor Goddard, The Lulu Raes and just all the people! Going to be a party!