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Small World Festival Feature - The LuLu Raes


Small World Festival Feature - The LuLu Raes


We're very proud to be a small part of this year's Small World Festival at Sydney Park on Saturday September 19. The whole day is one big ol' celebration of everything that we love about Sydney's inner-west, including the bands, food and wider community. We thought it would be fun to ask some of the performers why they love our city as much as we do, starting with Tom (drums) from The LuLu Raes.


[VISIONS] What are your thoughts on Sydney's burgeoning live music scene? How do you think it compares to other Australian cities?

[Tom - TLLR] It’s good living in a city where you can literally go out every night of the week and catch decent bands playing original music. Melbourne’s the same and everyone is pretty communal about it all, it’s hard to find a clique that won’t let you enjoy their experimental electro-prog-bluegrass punk band.

Tell us about your favourite live music venue in Sydney. What makes it so unique?

Definitely got to be Vic on the Park at Marrickville. It’s got a basketball hoop, it’s got a massive projector for Friday night footy and they throw really great sounding day festivals in the big outside area. I’ve seen the Vines, DMA’s and a load of fun bands all in this happy social pub you wouldn’t expect to sound so epic.

Where did you grow up, and how did it influence your experiences with music at an early age?

I grew up in a Coogee and Maroubra beach bubble, so I was subject to countless R.S.L cover bands and dad rock Sunday arvo pub gigs. I didn’t even realise what sort of hub Newtown and the inner west was for musicians and art until a few years ago, which blew my mind when I found out about the eclectic work going on. I’ve learnt a lot from it all, but I gotta say I’m still most excited for the Bon Scott tribute band at Small World Fest.

How do you think Small World differs from other Australian music festivals?

There is a Bon Scott Tribute band.

Name one emerging Sydney artist that you’re currently excited about.

I’m gonna be a bit naughty and say the band ‘Wharves’, who are from a bit up the coast so not strictly Sydney. I saw them on their first or second gig opening for The Delta Riggs, and their technical ability and tightness made me an instant fan. So either them, or any band that is a tribute to late singers of 70’s-80’s rock bands.

What are you most looking forward to at Small World Festival?

Bon Scott tribute band.

Small World Festival will be held at Sydney Park in St. Peters, this Saturday September 19. Bands start from 12pm and tickets are still available.